Hygienic XLIV – Salon Des Independants

The Salon des Independants XLIV exhibition opens on January 28th at 7 PM.

Art Drop off, registration and hanging is Saturday, January 28th from 8am – 6pm at Hygienic Art Galleries at 79 Bank Street New London CT.

No jury, no censorship, and no fee – all are welcome!

The Hygienic GRANDE Salon Exhibition is for over-sized artwork and will be accepted at 312 State Street New London (former Dev’s Restaurant location) & drop off and hanging on Saturday, January 28 from Noon-6 PM.

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 28th from 7 – 10 PM.

Art Pick-Up: Saturday, February 11th from Noon to 7 PM & Sunday, February 12th 2023 from Noon to 4 PM

Show runs through Saturday, February 11th 2023

Hygienic Grande XLIV

Hygienic Grande is an annexed exhibition space (as an extension of Hygienic XLIV – Salon Des Independants) located at 312 State Street (the former Dev’s Restaurant) for large format art to include sculpture, multi-media extravaganzas, and large canvasses over 6 feet in size.

No judge, no jury, no fees, no censorship! One piece per artist (Artwork under 6ft in size should be dropped off at Hygienic Galleries. See Hygienic XLIV – Salon Des Independants for details).

Saturday, January 28th | 7 – 10 PM
(On display until February 11th 2023)


Size requirements:
– 5×5′ minimum footprint (base) for sculptures
– 6×6′ minimum for wall art

and install artwork:
– Friday, January 27th l 12 – 8 PM
– Saturday, January 28th | 12 – 6 PM

– Saturday, February 11th 2023 | 12 – 7pm

Contact Bill Dumas for more info: